Seismic for Geologists and Engineers

This workshop is designed for Geologists, Engineers, Petrophysicists and technical support staff who need to better understand how seismic surveys are acquired, processed and interpreted.

The course concentrates on the practical and physical aspects, avoiding complicated equations and industry jargon.

This workshop is well suited for those companies that may be contemplating a seismic survey in the near future and need to know the pitfalls. It is suitable for technical people wworking with geophysical data and maps who need to know more.

The course can be customised to use in-house data but otherwise uses open file examples mainly from Australia. The course concentrates on land acquistion and associated interpretation.

Dates for 2016

May 10-11 457 Upper Edward St Spring Hill
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The following companies have sent attendees to Geosolve public courses:

  • Anglo American
  • BHP Billiton
  • Blue Energy
  • BMA Coal
  • Eastern Star
  • GeoDiscovery Group
  • Haliburton
  • Resolve Geo
  • QUT
  • Rio tinto
  • Stanmore Coal
  • Talisman Energy
  • Terrex Seismic
  • Westside Corporation
  • Xstrata Coal

In-house courses have been provided to:

  • Anglo American
  • BMA Coal
  • Geoscience Austrlia
  • Santos


'Henk presented an excellent course that I personally got a lot out of it. Hopefully others in our team can catch up with your future courses.' I can confirm that everyone I talked to was quite happy with the course and was able to get something out of it. ... just 10 minutes ago received an e-mail from a client not knowing the difference between Brute stacks and PSTM. He was able to reply confidently and assist our client in identifying the various datasets we have got for the survey. I cannot give you a better example; this is exactly what we were looking for. There will be probably more complex questions tomorrow but this one was efficiently dealt with thanks to Henk’s presentation.'

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Introduction to Seismic

This workshop is an abbreviated version of Henk's popular Basic Seismic for Geologists and Engineers. It is designed for a non-geological audience and assumes no previous knowledge of seismic or geology. The workshop runs for one day and can be tailored to suite a specific audience.

The workshop is suitable for environmental officers, cultural heritage workers, permit and license managers, legal officers, purchasing officers and administrative staff.

In-house courses have been provided to:

  • BMA
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Survey Datums for Geoscientists

"I don't have to worry about converting my data to the new datum, because all my data is in latitude, longitude format."

If the statement above applies to you, then you need to attend this course! Converting data from one format to another is easy, knowing what your data you already have requires understanding. This workshop is designed to help you understand the issues and give you some tools to deal with them.

Dates for 2016

Please contact workshops at geosolve com au

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Seismic Data Loading Workshop

So you have all of your seismic data in digital format so it should be easy enough to load? Except that it isnít. Your recently processed data is in good order but the archives are full of very rough SEGY files that need a bit of care and understanding. Various vintages of seismic refuse to tie because of different SRDs This course is suitable for technical assistants, geologists, geophysicists and GIS staff who need to load their own data.

Dates for 2016

Please contact workshops at geosolve com au -

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Depth Conversion for Dummies

Velocities are to geophysicists as snow is to Eskimos: Unavoidable, and very important. Knowing where to find them and how to use them is 3 parts science, 1 part art.

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 Introduction to Seisimic
Data Loading
 Survey Datums & projections pdf